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  • Residential Tile And Grout Care

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    Residential Tile And Grout Care

    Your kids crawl across this floor, your pets may even eat of this floor, and certainly your guests and relatives see this floor. Stained grout and dirty tile not only are frustrating to clean, send the wrong impression, but harbor dirt and bacteria that could be dangerous to our families and pets. The problem is often the fact that once your floors seal, and particularly your grout fails, your floor is soaking up dirt and bacteria with each mopping. Surface dirt, spilled food, or other accidents are dissolved into the mop water and allowed to soak into the grout with each pass of the mop.

    While many companies will tell you they can clean your tile, making it look better is one thing. Solving the problem, restoring a brand new, uniform grout appearance, and guaranteeing a healthier floor is all together another. Removing surface oils and dirt is simply the first step to addressing the root cause to dull and dingy tile. Once Marblelife is done we aim to restore a brand new appearance to your grout, with a consistent uniform color appearance. Old tiles looking worn, Marblelife can restore a that clean gloss appearance with an inorganic surface treatment engineered so that it will not harbor mold or mildew, and provides a further layer of protection across your grout lines. When we are done, you will have the appearance of a brand new tile, without the dust, debris or down time of a replacement.

    When the guests show up they will be oohing and awing over your “new” floors and spotless housekeeping. We hope you will refer us, but we understand if you want it to be our secret.