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  • Medical Tile And Grout Care

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    Medical Tile And Grout Care

    Secondary infections are the number four killers of Americans. That is larger than breast cancer or car accidents. Yet, there is much which can be done to contain this epidemic. Marblelife offers a variety of smart surface treatments designed to create a healthier space. When you cannot get your grout lines clean, this is a sign that your seal has failed, and the grout has absorbed dirt, debris and bacteria. Just as you cannot scrub out a test tube with a sponge, you can’t scrub out the pores in your porous sanded grout. Enter Marblelife. Marblelife will clean your surface, restore a new sealed uniform color appearance of a new floor, and then restore the surface with an inorganic treatment that imparts a beautiful gloss, that will not harbor mold or mildew. Your patients should feel confident that they are getting the best care. If you cannot provide a clean floor that patient is already concerned with facility hygiene. Old tile does not need to be replaced. Stained grout can be restored. Marblelife can deliver a brand new appearance, that is easy to disinfect and maintain, without the dust, cost or expense of replacement. Marblelife’s solutions are engineered to maintain a receded grout surface, so that to reduce the grout protection wear, unlike other solutions which aim to fill the grout line to the tile shoulder creating wear issues that can impact long term viability and clean appearance.


    We honestly believe that over time, we can have an impact on the quality of life, through the enhancement of our floor systems. Call Marblelife today, reduce your secondary infection rate, enhance your patient’s confidence during their stay.