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    The Building Owner & Manager’s Associations annual office tenant survey reports the number one complaint to be dirty bathroom floors and in particular dirty grout. More Janitorial companies are fired over their inability to keep floors cleaned, when in reality they have little impact if the grout has been stained. Marblelife can change all that. Marblelife will not just clean the floor but correct the root cause problem. When we are done the floor will look brand new. The grout lines will be clean and uniform in color. The tile will be clean, or if you prefer a glossy appearance we can address this with a surface treatment that will not harbor mold or mildew. Marblelife’s solutions are engineered to maintain the wear protection of a receded grout line, extending the life of your floor and preventing your treatment from being worn like other solutions that aim to fill the grout to the shoulder of the tiel. The net result is we can turn a tired dirty bathroom into a new, restored, clean bathroom and do it in less than 8 hours, so that when your tenants return they will so what appears to be a restored bathroom without the dust, downtime or cost of replacement. Your janitorial company will have a floor they CAN maintain, and you get the benefit of a space that is easier to rent and more likely to be renewed. Let’s face it, if a prospective client visits the lobby bathrooms first they already have a first impression of the building, its age and its management. Marblelife, aims to give you a first impression floor that wins tenants and is easy to maintain for your janitorial service, so you can invest your capital elsewhere.


    The first step is a call. Once scheduled you are 8 hours away from wowing your tenants.