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  • Architects – How We Can Help

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    Architects – How We Can Help

    Most architects tell us that 95% of the complaints on a new building’s floors are associated with the with the dulling of the grout lines, staining.  Talk to MARBLELIFE® and we can help you adjust your specifications to deliver a building that is easier to maintain.  Specify a standard grey grout, and have MARBLELIFE® Colorseal the grout, providing it the color desired, but for the first time we can use the color to communicate to the architect, builder and owner that the floor has been truly sealed.  Prior penetrating sealers fail to provide any visual indication that the grout had been sealed, having been designed to specifically NOT alter the grouts color, finish or appearance leaving everyone to wonder whether enough seal had been applied, and virtually guaranteeing that somewhere on the floor was a weak point.  Once the weak point fails, the floor begins to stain, the janitorial company is pushed to fix it and encouraged to try ever more aggressive cleaners until they finally unzip and strip the seal completely at which point the entire floor begins to take on a dull, dingy, stained appearance.  With Colorseal that just cannot happen. Even if the surface is damaged, the color change allows one to quickly call MARBLELIFE® to have it repaired.  But even that is unlikely, as MARBLELIFE®’s GROUTLIFE solution is engineered to maintain a recessed grout appearance, unlike other solutions which seek to fill the grout line to the tile shoulder and in so doing elevating the grout surface to the point that it can be traffic worn, damaged and abraded creating areas for it to grab dirt.


    Call MARBLELIFE® today, and around for a lunch and learn.  Your clients will be glad you did, and you will be getting fewer new building maintenance questions and complaints.